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Christian coaches work from their faith worldview in any number of specialties or niches, depending on their training and experience, just as secular coaches work in specialties and operate from their own belief systems. (It is not, rather it is a worldview.)The descriptive "Christian" applies to the coach's worldview / beliefs, rather than to who their client is or their chosen area of expertise.

For example, either could be a business coach, but one seeks wisdom from and gives credit for their success to their maker and the other ... Here at PCCCA / Beautiful Life, you will ...~ Learn the most powerful skills available to help others live a much better life.~ Experience transformation in life.~ Help others find their God-given vision so they can fulfill their mission.~ Come along side others to help them find God's plan for their best solutions and healing.~ Learn to apply the relevant truth of God's Word to current, everyday life situations.~ Grow closer to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.~ Establish a profitable, sustainable, Christian coaching or counseling practice or ministry.~ Learn life coaching and/or counseling from a distinctly Biblicalworldview with no secular or new age integration.~ PLUS, gain confidence and credibility by virtue of your certification.

Bush is the founder of this academy, dating back to 2003.

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for Counselor Training Information PCCCA's coaching programs are life transforming, both professionally and personally ...

If you would like to help others to get more out of their life, as well as significantly improve your own life in all areas, Christian life coaching may be for you.

Even change for the better is scary to a lot of people.

With you to encourage, exhort and validate their quest, you become their partner in success.

Evan , as the training we offer, expanded in its breadth and subject matter to include more specialty programs.