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Man A: My first one-night stand happened while traveling abroad and she lives in completely different country than I do.

One night when my parents were gone, I texted her to see what she was doing and she came over and we slept together.

I really liked the girl I had that one-night stand with and I felt like I ruined the dynamic of that potential relationship by going through with it. I was slightly embarrassed that the sex was so quick, but I also thought, Now, I look back and just laugh at myself.

What percentage of your sexual encounters are one-night stands now?

[pagebreak] DO: Gauge whether or not she wants to have morning sex.

Wrap your arm around her and gently stroke her stomach or kiss her neck. If she reciprocates, do her a favor and brush your teeth first.

“One night stands can be great for sexual experimentation as long as everyone is on the same page of what is going to happen.”DON’T: Do anything freaky if it wasn’t discussed ahead of time.