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currently there are 7 cars in the game and i will addsome more cars soon.

Also in order to help you in your journey there are some powerups are also there like 2x coins, magnet, extra life get them assoon as you see unlike other game you can actually make accident in thisgame and also jump the car with special hurdle in this game andmake some pretty cool stuntfeatures :-cool graphics3d simulation7 different carsmake accidentstunt with your carendless modekinda like car race gameperfectly designed for the kid or toddler as well as for the elderto get the fundrag and turbo mode coming soon How to play :-use accelerometer to handle the car avoid all the enemycars,obstacles like truck,water tank etc try to stay in middle ofthe road for higher scorecollect coins and unlock other carsps :- you can also try my other games like crazy car driving -endless, aaron the viking runner, save the animal from ninja,princy run and santa in trouble.

you can get this game fromthemore section in this game Thanks and have a happy playing superb endless runner Game download andenjoythe game is somewhat like racing game where you havetodrive your car in the endless road as you go further the speedofthe car will increase and game will become more difficult.thereare some hurdles in the game like truck, water tank youaresupposed to not touch them as well as avoid cars as trafficrunningin the road tplease note that you can not smash other cars any collisionwillresult into the end of game and it is really as much simpleasdriving the carfeatures :-cool graphics3d simulation7 different cars including monster size truck4 Different stages highway , desert and jungle withbeautifulgraphicsall endless modekinda like car race game How to play :-use accelerometer to handle the car avoid all theenemycars,obstacles like truck,water tank etc try to stay in middleofthe road for higher score Traffic Smasher is a milestone in the genreofendless arcade racing. you can even use nitrous andbrakein this epic racing style game KEY FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic car handling- 15 different cars to choose from- 3 game modes: Endless one way,endless Two-Way, Time Trialakaarcade mode- Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.

Drive your car through highway traffic,earncash, buy new Cars. GAMEPLAY- Tilt to steer- Touch nitrous button to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow down TIPS- The faster you drive the more scores you get- When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to getbonusscores and cash- Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extrascoreand cash Traffic Smasher will be updated constantly.

Drive your car through some epic ways like subway ‚ food corner‚ garage in superb cortoonic city.

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    A sheep reaper card will demolish your flock if you don’t take it out ahead of time with a sheep dog card. I loved the types of strategies it encouraged me to develop. There aren’t a ton of truly different kinds of cards, and the ratio between helpful and hurtful ones feels totally out of whack.