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Those operators stopped providing services to clients of one Russian bank after Washington imposed sanctions over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis, including its annexation of Crimea from Kiev and support of pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian payment system is called Mir, which translates as “World” or “Peace”. Created in Russia,” runs an advertisement for Mir cards.

“We will of course intensify work related to import substitution, reduction of dependence on U. payment systems, on the dollar as a settling currency and so on.

Equipped with end-of-the line handsets, Russians, however, overwhelmingly ignore most services new phones offer, except SMS, another poll shows.

Only one in ten Russians said they would use a cell phone to access Internet, or use mobile operator services, like weather forecasts, exchange rates or horoscopes. Over two-thirds of Russians send text messages regularly, and, for people under 24, the number goes up to 90 percent.

Others seek practical uses, such as the high school principal in Chelyabinsk who launched an SMS information service for parents to update them on their kids’ grades and school absences.

In one case, a policewoman in Krasnoyarsk, used SMS to lure a fraud suspect out with a flirty text message, eventually leading to his arrest.

More than 380 banks working in Russia accept these cards which are issued by 120 banks.