1800s tradition of dating

From the pre-Christian Celts who believed in reincarnation filling their graves with items needed for the next life, to our modern day scientific knowledge of the process of death.Yet some customs and traditions have remained through the ages.The wake is often now held after the burial service, in either an immediate family member’s home or a local hospitality establishment.

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They were usually reserved for people of social prominence, such as soldiers or public servants.

However the 20th century saw the rise of the “common man” obituary when the deaths and funeral details of everyone in the community would be regularly published, giving them equal status - in death at least - as members of the local aristocracy.

It originates from the Medieval Latin meaning “funeral rites.”Funeral processions in Roman times looked very different, and sounded different too.

Professional mourners were paid to form part of the funeral procession, wailing loudly.

The larger the procession, the more noise and music, the wealthier and more powerful the deceased person was regarded to be.