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I'm fortunate enough that I got to spend another year with you and that indescribable feeling has never gone away.

My love for you knows no bounds, and I just want you to know that each anniversary we have together, my love only keeps growing.

I hope our time together can continue to be fulfilling and cheerful.

A personalized love poem or note is a great paper gift, especially if it is printed and framed.

The website Poetry offers a great printing and framing service.

You've shown me the true meaning of love, & what love is all about. Thank you for everything and happy anniversary , my love. I want Our marriage to be delectable Because you and I Are the perfect couple. Who is the reason for my happy days & comfort in my sad ones. We may occasionally fight, bicker, and squabble, but I've never stopped loving you since the day we met.

Happy Anniversary to my darling Husband I love you for your thoughtfulness, your understanding way and for the countless little things you do for me each day. But after I met you, I realized I was missing something this whole time. Happy Anniversary There is a long way that we still have to go but I want to take it real sweet and slow. Hoping that you cherish such lovely memories too Let's bask in the joy of counting away the blessings that life gives us every day.. Who cheers my successes & comforts me in my failures. Another year has come and gone, but my love will never fade. Unknown Is it normal for me to still get butterflies in my stomach every time I see you, even a year after dating? Yet another year has gone by during this long and complicated path through life.

In 1957, Emily Post expanded her anniversary gift category list to include yearly gift categories for every anniversary from the first anniversary to the fifteenth anniversary and gifts for every fifth anniversary celebrated after the fifteenth anniversary.

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    But, phone is one of the best ways to keep your long distance relation intimate or simply release your tension from the stress that you feel from the overwhelming things that happen in your life.

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    Many parents here would prefer to continue to embrace a sense of their own independence, while also retaining their identities as parents.