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Paul stresses the importance of caring and loving each other in Ephesians chapter 5.

It’s time we address this, because I’m tired of having to explain to people on Facebook that the big red phallic object on my bed is my dog’s, not mine. It’s just that no one deserves to have to explain to their mom’s friend on Facebook (whose friend request you accepted only to make your mom happy. Flirt Pole Doggy Exercise Toy As if looking like a prop from an adult film isn’t enough, there’s that suggestive name that makes you feel like someone at Product Development had on their mind the entire time. Kong Safestix From the product description: “They are meant for indoor or outdoor use and they even float! Kong Jawrobics Dog Toy So this dog toy is called “Jawrobics,” which reminds me of the Shake Weight, only because here’s a product that has nothing to do with anything remotely sexual until one person makes one misplaced joke and then you can’t unsee it.

Thanks, Mom.) that sometimes dog toys look like something you order from an online sex toy shop because that’s just how life is sometimes, gosh, get off my case. It’s just an egg.” Then allow me to blow your mind , because there is a thing called Tenga that’s also shaped like an egg. Behold: I mean one looks like a tiny fist and one looks like it’s ribbed for extra sensitivity. If you’re afraid your dog might repurpose one of your adult toys, don’t fret, because someone already invented a sex toy for dogs. But hey, at least your pup won’t be humping blankets in a dark closet anymore.

These are the things magazines are telling women to do! Don’t listen to that nonsense and please, for the love of all things, don’t do these things while flirting: 1.

And you don’t want someone to think you’re only interested in sex if you want a relationship with them. Like all of their statuses, tweets, or Instagram pics So many flirting tips revolve around doing ridiculous things and stepping so far out of your comfort zone to the point where you’re not even being yourself.

My wife and I have been together for many years now (happily! So this list also comes from my own observations in my marriage, as well as others. I often share my goals, dreams, fears, and thoughts with my wife several times a week.