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She was able to sell 2,748,000 copies of the album in U.

Giddy: The loving couple gushed about being engaged in a video both shared to Instagram, in which they joked about no longer calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend, with Russell noting: 'Fiancee sounds way better' Well as if her engagement to hunky fiancé Russell Wilson wasn't enough to make us jealous, Ciara has taken to her social media sites to make us green with envy for both the gorgeous location she's currently holidaying in and her to-die-for holiday wardrobe.

The EPA standard was designed to meet emissions targets but didn’t account for engine longevity.

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The benefits are apparent, but do consumers really care?

The Top Tier gasoline specification was created by a group of automakers in 2004 in response to the minimum gasoline detergent standard introduced by the EPA in 1995.

Their findings show that the additive packages in Top Tier gas resulted in fewer carbon deposits than those found in the non-Top Tier gasoline test.

The study also found that there were some secondary benefits to the better additive packages, including slightly better fuel economy and better drivability.

This engine has been used for testing for about 15 years and is a popular one, due to the orientation of the valves (which shows the difference in carbon deposits in just 100 hours of testing).