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If anything, it’s going to make it take even longer.The best way to find the one is to just live your life, while staying open to possibilities and meeting new people.If you’re dating to find the one, consider these few things first.

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I have found that most people seem to find their special ones when they least expect it.

’m surprised by how many couples who have been married for some time end up seeming to view a regular date night like a trip to the dentist—they know it’s something that is good for them, but they don’t really look forward to it.

We see it in movies, we hear it in songs, we watch our friends and family members go through it, and we live it.

Love is everywhere, and it’s one of the things almost all people have in common: we want to love and be loved in return.

I know that after 27 years of marriage, there have been times when I have just gone with the “tried and true,” rather than attempting to come up with something new because it was easier. In the early years, you didn’t just look for things to do and places to go that might interest them; you also made yourself interesting and appealing. Just because your spouse has now seen you at your worst doesn’t mean they don’t still like to see you at your best from time to time. Trade the shorts and tee-shirt or sweat suit for khakis and a golf shirt or cute outfit. [Tweet This] Real openness is one of 6 Things You Must Embrace for a More Intimate Marriage. You used to talk about the future, and what might/could be.