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In these Rules, “Virgin Active”, “us”, “we” or “our” means Virgin Active trading through any Virgin group company.

Words and phrases in these Rules have the same meanings as given in our Membership Terms & Conditions, unless specified otherwise. Acceptance of an application for Membership at each Club is at our absolute discretion (although we will exercise our discretion reasonably, and in compliance with applicable laws). Membership entitles Members to use the facilities available from time to time at their Home Club.

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The keeping of any other items in a Club’s lockers is prohibited.

If Virgin Active has reasonable grounds to suspect that a locker is being used in breach of this Rule, Virgin Active reserves the right to open the locker in question (by force if necessary) and remove any offending items. With the exception of any designated private lockers, lockers are available for use only while you are on a Club’s premises.

Use of a locker (other than any designated private lockers) while not on Club premises is prohibited.

If you leave your belongings overnight in a locker (other than in any designated private locker), Virgin Active reserves the right to open the locker (by force if necessary) and remove your belongings. Your belongings, so removed, will be available for collection from the relevant Club’s Reception for a period of thirty (30) days, upon payment of the prevailing holding charge.

However, where reasonably possible, we will ask you to sign a use of image rights form (a “Virgin Active photography reproduction authorisation form”) to consent to this usage. You must not consume any food or drink in a Club that you have brought in from outside the Club. We reserve the right to show potential Members and other individuals the facilities of a Club on a trial basis. You must complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire or Health Commitment Statement as requested by us before using any fitness facilities. You should seek instruction before using unfamiliar equipment. Appropriate clean exercise clothing and shoes must be worn whilst exercising. Gymnasium equipment must not be used for longer than 15 minutes during busy periods. You are asked to wipe down gymnasium equipment after use. You are asked to arrive at the gymnasium five (5) minutes prior to any personal training or induction appointments.