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He wants people to like him so he goes all out to impress them, to the extent that he exaggerates (or even makes up! We all want a hero in our lives but if he's always telling everyone what a hero he is, he's more insecure man than Superman.

ALSO READ: 12 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE MODERN SINGAPOREAN MAN He keeps mentioning your ex He's always asking if you're still in touch with your ex or – worse still – wants details about how your last relationship ended.

Because meeting the family and getting their approval is such a big thing in China, this means more than likely that your Chinese date or girlfriend will want to “remain friends” for at least a few dates, or even months.

This doesn’t mean she’s likely to “cheat” on you or look elsewhere, but rather, that she’s working towards maintaining a positive reputation, and wants to ensure you are who you say you are and will do what you promise or claim – the last thing she wants is to look like if a fool if you up and leave, or worse, cheat on her. China is very big on fashion, and Chinese women are very classy.

If you’re really looking for a “leg up” for your first date with a Chinese girl then consider doing some research on the history of China, but avoid political or religious conversations if possible- or save them for later on when you know each other better.

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