A pretty woman dating

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Conversely, the less attractive women ‘may have to make do with what they have, hence the longer relationships’, he said.

Dr Burriss said the idea echoes the Dr Hook song When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman.

‘Attractive women might generally prefer short-term relationships.

They’re better placed to move on.’It is also possible the relationships end due to jealous behaviour from the woman’s less photogenic partner.

And depending on the character of this guy, things can escalate. But all of us have a little jealousy lurking within, and if you never encountered it before, you probably will once you’re dating a very beautiful woman 7. But it’s a fact of life nonetheless — people won’t notice you beside her. Worst-case scenario: People will wonder what she’s doing with a regular guy like you. While men are trying to pick their tongues up from off the floor and women are looking for flaw of hers to dwell on, they will invariably start to talk about her and the guy she’s with (that’s you).