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Weighing in at 143 pounds, Ducati says the Desmosedici Stradale engine is only 4.9 lbs heavier than the last Panigale’s 1285cc Superquadro twin. The upper crankcase half incorporates four Nikasil-coated aluminum cylinder liners.

The 81mm aluminum pistons have two low-attrition compression rings plus an oil ring.

A counter-rotating crankshaft offsets some of the gyroscopic effect generated by the spinning wheels which should result in quicker direction changes and greater resistance wheelies under acceleration or rear-wheel lift on decel – but the counter-rotation also requires a jackshaft to convert its spin into the proper direction for the final drive to the rear wheel.

Ducati claims that extra shaft robs 0.98% from the crank, that’s a net loss of about two horsepower according to the boys from Bologna.

The camshaft’s connected to the legbone, no wait, the camshafts are controlled by two silent timing chains.

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