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Although it is possible with such lenses to often reduce an individual's dependence on glasses, they will still require them for some situations (typically for reading as, in most patients, the power of the monofocal lens is selected to correct for distance vision).

Over the past decade newer lens designs have been developed to restore some of the focusing (accommodating) ability of the eye.

Professor O'Brart has personally been involved with clinical research trials investigating the efficacy of some of these lenses, including the "Tetraflex" (accommodative) lens and the Human Optic "Diffractiva" (diffractive) lens.

He also has several years' experience with other multifocal lens designs, including the Alcon "Restor" (apodized diffractive) lens, the Oculolentis M Plus (presbyopia correcting) lens, the Zeiss AT LISA Trifocal (diffractive) lens, Phys IOL Finevision Trifocal lens and the AMO Symfony (diffractive, achromatic) lens.

These lenses can’t be used in people with a very high astigmatism, macular degeneration and for military aviators or commercial pilots or those whose priority is extremely accurate close-up vision.

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