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The concrete building we wer in literally shook.'The windows were torn out like paper and cars were flying through the air. Martin appealed to the British Government to send ships to help the area.Cars were on fire and fires were breaking out all over the place. He said they needed a Dunkirk style armada of big ships and little ships to get people to safety.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned the situation was already 'serious' and made worse by communication problems after 185mph Irma laid waste to infrastructure.

Witnesses on the Dutch side of the island say people are roaming the streets armed with 'revolvers and machetes' while Rutte said most people are surviving without power and running water.

Martin Lucas lives and works on the paradise isle of St Martin.

But yesterday the piano player described how law and order was breaking down as desperate islanders were trying to survive.

Extra troops and police are arriving on the southern part of the island, which is shared between France and the Netherlands, and part of their job is to help keep order, officials said.