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Not being able to customize the Thank you screen of your form, certainly was a (minor) pain, plus, it probably led your customers -or potential customers- to think that visiting your website after submitting the form was not so important.

Or not knowing at all that the item could have been downloaded directly without waiting for a confirmation email!

On your Facebook, Fundraisers can be found here, while this page is dedicated to all its features and how to use it in the best way.

On the same page, you can also find all the categories that you can support: Without further ado, let’s examine one by one these 10 Facebook updates for September 2017.

That’s why we did it for you 😉 We selected the top new features you can start using now and some that are still in the test phase. Facebook targeting and tracking are getting better and better: people-based measurements, in combination with the pixel and the possibility to create lots of different types of custom audiences, are offering advertisers a whole set of detailed information and insights about audiences and their actions.

You only have to make yourself comfortable, get your favorite hot beverage and click on the read more button! However, marketers who consider the online presence as a fundamental element of their business, are also aware of the importance of measuring the impact of their campaigns on offline purchases, including in-store sales and phone bookings.

Pumpkins are ready to be carved, the trees are wearing their luxurious red foliage, there’s a smell of cinnamon and apple pie in the air and…