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A variety of skills, far surpassing musical ability, can be developed as a result of participating in a drum circle.

Being part of a drum circle gives both verbal and non-verbal children the chance to experience the give and take that occurs during a conversation.

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During call and response sessions, one beats the drum, and then the next one beats the drum, keeping in rhythm with one another.

In addition, drumming can give children a voice and a means to express their emotion through the rhythm, tone, and volume of their drumming.

Next, the instructor plays and each person plays when their name is called.

They continue playing and the group builds upon each other’s rhythm.

There have been reports of children becoming less sensitive to loud sounds after participating in drumming activities. A that moment it’s easy to see the calmness, yet excited looks on their faces. He facilitates Tambo Function through his company Tambo-Rhythms.

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