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However, we think some of these are probably a bit irrelevant for an adult dating site and we can't see many people using them.

One of these is the music sharing box which can be used to share your favourite tunes with other members.

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However, because of the way society imposes its will on our lives especially our sexuality, it is considered rude to say to a woman, I want to shag you just for one night, you know what, you have the personality of a stick insect but the body of a sex goddess and I will like to explore every nook and cranny of your body for one night only.

If you are bold enough to say that to a colleague you want to shag her, you will probably get a slap in the face and sexual harassment complaint.

One Night Stand Date is an adult dating site crossed with a social networking site that can be used to find a one night stand anywhere in the world.

You could be forgiven for thinking it looks very much like popular social networking site My Space, but unfortunately it doesn't have all the useful features that make My Space so popular, However, it has a decent enough design and some interesting bits and pieces to hold your attention for a little while.

These can be accessed through the site itself and everything is presented in a very easily navigable way.