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Like adults, teens who sleep with their cell phone tend to have a more positive attitude towards the cell phone overall than their counterparts who do not take the phone to bed, and to express beliefs that suggest that the phone is a substantially important tool in their lives.

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The next step is to jam Japanese into every single opening that presents itself, every single day. Casual learner: 30-60 minutes a day Normal learner: 1-3 hours a day Heavy learner: 4-6 hours a day Before you dismiss me as an idealist who is asking too much, please remember that these hours consist of passive and active learning.

: ‚óŹ 2 hours: listening to Japanese on your phone while commuting, eating, cleaning, showering, brushing your teeth, walking the dog, working out, etc.

In practice, teens ages 12 to 17 are indeed more intense users of text messaging than older cell phone users, while they use voice calling in similar manner to adults.

Teens send and receive text messages in numbers that are orders of magnitude greater than what is sent and received by adults.

Fully 31% of teens send more than 100 texts a day and 15% send more than 200 a day, while just 8% and 5% of adults send that many, respectively.