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My 60-year-old patient Ferrel Cochran has spina bifida and lives with his elderly mom.He depends on me to provide urostomy care and assist him with his gastrointestinal program.

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The tiny island of civilian life on the Greyhound bus gave me three hours to stare out the window and think about the past eight weeks, about my life prior to those eight weeks, and how strange it seemed that things I had nothing to do with and had no control over placed me on this bus headed south to some damned place no one seemed to know anything about.

Once in Baltimore, I dragged my jam-packed duffel bag off the bus, and asked a few people where I could catch the bus to Fort Holabird.

He set it down and asked, “Where on the base are you headed? After a few seconds, I asked, “What will I be doing here? That’s when we start the classes.” ‘You mean I can go home for the weekend, if I want? The buses run regularly between Baltimore and Newark.” Absolutely stupefied, I said, “Please forgive me. I just checked in here, and I can turn around and go home for the weekend, if I want? Just be back by Monday Morning.” “Do I need a written pass or anything?

” Still in shock, I told him that I had no idea where I was headed. He smiled – he actually smiled – and said, “No problem. ” He said, “It’s really too far for you to walk with that bag. “I’m reporting for duty, sergeant.” “Oh, you must be one of the new students. ” “Let’s take a look at your orders, and we’ll see.” I handed him my orders, and he said, “You are a 96C. ” He remained patient, despite my stupidly repeating everything I had just heard. I also see that you speak German.” “Well, I took the German test. C.” “You mean that I can leave the base when I want? ” He smiled and said, “That depends on where you live.

He knows he can depend on me to help him whenever his mother is sick.

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