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It is important to bear in mind that you know about your online friends as much as they have said about themselves.

Sometimes adults with a hidden agenda can only be in the chat room, without participating in the chat actively.

Keeping Your Personal Information Private Interacting with People Offline Being Aware of Predators Ceasing Communication and Reporting Threats Community Q&A Chatrooms are a fun place to engage in discussion about a variety of topics.

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If someone bullies you online, do not respond and leave the conversation.

If ignoring the bullying doesn't make it go away, report it to a trusted adult.

Also, be careful not to give out personal information to strangers.

When you are in a chat room or using another online social networking resource, never give your social security number, telephone number, or address. 1492) This bill focuses on improving access to broadband services. ESL Reading Smart's Efforts ESL Reading Smart™ addresses the topic of Internet safety with technology products.

The Internet can be a good and fun resource to use for research and learning.