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They preach that mums who aspire to achieving such things are nothing more than saddos.

This is the new feminist front, it seems: not only can we no longer be happy just to be housewives, but we should find the challenge of raising a child so beneath us that we shouldn’t even try.

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The world of advertising has caught the trend, too.

One advert for Amazon’s electronic ‘personal assistant’ Alexa shows a baby in a highchair demolishing and scattering a bowl of pasta.

A recent Mumsnet discussion prompted by the ‘come-on’ question ‘What do your children do that annoys you most?

’ drew some horrible responses.‘I hate the way he prefixes every f*****g thing he says with the word “Mum”,’ whines one.

It views the trials and tribulations of parenthood as nothing more than rich pickings for personalised ‘laugh out loud’ moments to share among your social media followers.