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Kill was home from the hospital, and things seemed better. When he came to, she decided not to tell him about what was written.

It was too hurtful and would be too much of a distraction.

Since then, nothing has worked for longer than a few months. At one point, Billy was on 15 pills a day at a cost of over $800 a month after insurance; we wondered if we'd have to get a second mortgage.

Side effects from anti-seizure medications ranged from headaches, hostility and dizziness to mental slowness, problems with speech and potentially fatal skin rashes.

"People assume that those with epilepsy need to be in a wheelchair or are devastated neurologically. Anup Patel, a pediatric epilepsy specialist at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. After experiencing a seizure at the end of a game in 2012, he received an anonymous email saying, "We've got a freak coaching the Minnesota Gophers." If he received such hate, he wondered, what was it like for a kid on the playground or regular folks hard at work? Kill had suffered a seizure during the fourth game of the season. The seizure, wrote columnist Jim Souhan, made the football program and the university "the subject of pity and ridicule." Never mind the Gophers won the game. Long ago, she learned that reading the sports pages or listening to talk radio did little to calm the nerves of a coach's wife.