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I see the results of lack of critical thinking skills on here every day ie: one wo/man did me wrong, a friend of a friend's wo/man did him wrong = ALL wo/men are evil. and then he 'wented' on to give the stats, just so we's know the realz facts, as forthe profiler counter and the huge increase, i doubt it takes [away] the bi-polardeletes that re-join after having a pee . There was some story on the news the other day about how STDs in the over 25 age group are up and "they" attribute some of that to just that..."promiscuity among women has doubled since 2004."I'm not saying I agree or not, just saying that's what I heard on the news a few nights ago.^^^This relates to another thread entitled "The ripple effect." Someone states a statistic and interprets what that statistic means as a fact, when, in reality it is an interpretation and very possibly a flawed interpretation.

Or some people will quote one study or a part of a study or even worse, an "expert's" personal opinion, as fact, often leaving out other pertinent information that doesn't support their agenda. If POF wants to publish "data" that portrays their female members as promiscuous in the hopes of attracting more males I imagine, then hey, more power to them. .*count me as a non smoking promiscuous slutty type who likes to oogle male torsoshots (apparently theys perverted) and not ugly painted chick toes O_, a free online dating site with over 10 million registered users, has recently released data that promiscuity among women has doubled since 2004. But, it has been stated as fact, and then someone else latches on to that 'fact' and makes another claim of cause and effect. We're just proud to have found a genuinely FREE site that lets us contact other members, chat, Forum and have a Great amount of Fun when So many others charge anywhere from $10 to $35 for One Lousy Month..No guarantees....other than being billed for the next cycle...!!! From years of experience here, some educated guesses are: Sex ratio- male 4-1 female. Gotta go jump in my moon rover this evenin, catch ya tomorrow..

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I'm no expert but simple logic tells me that: (just because) most heroin users smoke, not all smokers are/become heroin users.