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Fourth Marriage; Thomas White to Mrs Emily James, , Bk. Mrs Emily Pilley's family isfound on 1880 Census Van Zandt Co., TX; HH #134; Emily Pilley, Widow, Laundress,age 24, b. 61, Pages 591-592-593-594: Deed Recorded 15 December 1899: From Thomas & M. Wills Point Chronicle, February 23, 1905: Obituary of Thomas White:"Uncle Tom White Dead"Sunday morning, the 19th inst., at about 4 o’clock at the family residence one mile north of town the spirit of Uncle Tom White passed over the dark and silent river. Interment took place in the family burying ground that afternoon, services being conducted by Eld. That he was a good man is attested by all who knew him. This Will was signed bya Mark (X) on23 December 1903.

AR, Father NC, Mother NC; Joseph Pilley, son, age 7, b. 82, Page 214-215; Deed Recorded; 15 March 1906: Thomas White knowing he was growing old decided to settle with his one remainingson from His first marriage that he had not settled with in the "Original Handwritten Will", which was dated ". His life was well spent and when the last summons came it found him leaves two sons and three daughters to mournhis death, besides many other relatives. Theinformation in the Will does fit what we know at this time,the ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN LIVING WILL, dated 15 October 1876, dividing his land between his children at that time, indicating he had at least (3) sons and more than (1) daughter as he used the terms "girls",could account for leaving other offspring’s names out of this Recorded Will.*** We know of 2 of his sons that lived to be adults, "Lewis/Louis and John" who were alive on that date of 1876, but who was the 3rd son???

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WHITE AND PYLE NOTES:1824-25: Thomas White was born, in the state of Tennessee, his parents are unknown.

First Marriage, Thomas White to Sarah Ann Pyle,15 July 1849 in Floyd Co., GA.

age 15 yrs, and BIRTIE LOUISA WHITE, age 13 years old.

John White was granted Guardianship of said children, length of time served, possibly until 1908-1910.

The relatives all gathered coming with huge baskets of food then they all went to the Family Burial plot and spent the day, Mr White always had a preacher present to preach to his family and other relatives on the wooded hill side where the burial plot was located."**The White Family Cemetery has not been found as yet.