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Come to the laid back Motel Bar, where a neon sign on the walls says the words ‘Sleep is the Baby Mama of Death’, the drinks are cheap, and the good times come thick and fast for the people looking for an alternative date in Liverpool.

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Enjoy an evening at the Laughter House for a night of comedy from the latest up-and-comers and established artists – and you can even grab a bite to eat or two as well.

While most Mexican bars are more interested in bright colours and tacos, Maya offers something… Head downstairs and you’ll find an underground den, filled with dark booths behind steel prison bars, low lighting and the perfect ambiance for a bit of an alternative Liverpool date.

While going to a church service might seem like the opposite of a good quirky date idea in Liverpool, hear us out: what if you eat brunch with the tunes of a live gospel choir serenading you?

Now that sounds like a fun time, especially when it’s the food cool converted church and South American restaurant Alma de Cuba offer.

Cut all the pretence, sometimes on a date you just want to get a bit tipsy. together for a trendy and cool venue that serves up everyone’s favourite shots, tequila, as well as cocktails and a great atmosphere to really make it a cool, quirky date idea in Liverpool.