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In this case the Cold War warriors said a working-class revolution would be harmful to vast numbers of people.Anyone with politics that demand a radical overhaul of society cannot support censorship. Socialism will mean the defeat of entrenched power by mobilising millions of downtrodden people, people who will at that point have had to break from ideas handed down to them by official society. This free debate cannot be limited to those ideas we find acceptable — as Rosa Luxemburg said, freedom [if it means anything] is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.The government intends to make viewing and possessing so-called “violent pornography” (much of it distributed over the internet) a criminal offence.

But pretty much all media are sexist — why place special emphasis on pornography?

It is strange the way sexual material is scape-goated.

First of all, I wouldn’t want to be a cheerleader for mainstream heterosexual pornography — much of which is as sexist as the anti-porn side say.

This kind of porn encapsulates pretty much everything we find objectionable and upsetting about representations of women and of sexuality as a whole so it’s no wonder emotions run high over this.

In this case it’s not about banning ideas we don’t like but protecting women from immediate physical threat.