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I found them rather lax as youngsters but they developed that strong upright habit rather quickly. Of course these will need to go in w/ the bananas and other 'tenders' come Winter.

On Aug 23, 2003, Happenstance from Northern California, CA wrote: Family name may be listed as Agavaceae or Phormiaceae, Giant New Zealand Flax has olive green foliage and can reach 6-10' high. tenax hybrids, which are more brightly colored and smaller, better sized for the urban gardens. tenax, and need a bit of shade in desert temperatures.

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Perennials Bronze-Green Red Unknown - Tell us Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater Unknown - Tell us6-8 ft. The consensus is that it's the combination of high humidity and summer nights over 70F that does them in. On Apr 19, 2013, Alext D from London, United Kingdom wrote: Another brilliant wind resister and an incredibly easy one to divide for planting elsewhere in your windbreak, just get that shovel in and split it at the base.

Very easy to grow, cold hardy and impervious to wind. On Nov 23, 2002, jkom51 from Oakland, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: Here in zone 9 coastal Nor. Once established they can be very drought-resistant, but can take water unlike many xeric plants, without crown rotting.