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Morresey and Brady would talk to the patient and medic over the phone, and possibly look at the patient's eye on a grainy live video feed or digital photo to try to diagnose the problem.

Crew members get hands-on experience in loading equipment, deploying boom, setting up skimmers and rehearsing other recovery tactics. Coast Guard, Prince William Sound Community College, and other entities.

A smaller segment of participants are trained in wildlife management and treatment. The ASLC noted in its award announcement that, "The local knowledge and commitment of the Prince William Sound fishing communities is evident in this program’s ongoing success – ensuring that the fisheries and environment are protected and sustained for years to come." The award was sponsored by ASLC Awards Committee member Jason Brune.

Issues range from illnesses and rashes to lacerations and other injuries; most injuries involve eyes, hands and backs, and are soft tissue injuries like muscle strains and sprains that come with simple diagnoses.

Brady said a small number of cases require more thorough examinations and complex care decisions. Each site's telemedicine suite includes monitors, powerful HD cameras and specialized tools like otoscopes for ear and nasal area examinations; electric stethoscopes that allow doctors to listen to hearts and lungs; heart tracing machines that show heartbeats; spirometry units that measure lung functions; and even an attachment for the camera so OHU team can ask patients to "say ahhh" for mouth and throat examinations.

The OHU team sees its use of telemedicine expanding in the years ahead.