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Along with praise also came some criticism, from social media users who saw the gesture quite differently.One Twitter user wrote: 'You had someone take the pics, then you consciously posted on twitter.Before then, Harper tries to get Alex to enjoy life without wizardry.

Dan isn’t arguing a liberal or conservative agenda, he’s taking current issues and saying, “wait, what does this mean?? we all should have thought of that…”” “Thinking, not blind opinion.

This is neither left nor right…it’s an intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable person talking to you as if you have a mind.

Virginia has voted for the Democratic presidential nominee just twice since 1948.

But the emergence of Democratic-leaning Northern Virginia as a political powerhouse has changed the equation, and the state's other metro areas have become increasingly competitive. Scott Walker showed surprising strength in a June recall election with national implications.

Maria Canals Barrera and David De Luise co-star as their parents and Jennifer Stone co-stars as Alex's best friend, Harper Finkle.