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This season features an explosive collection of songs from the cast and songwriters who have really come into their own and pulled out all the stops to bring you what are easily the most sincere and powerful songs since the shows inception.

All your favorite cast members make appearances: Tyler Kyte, Cory Lee, a handful of tracks from ALEXZ JOHNSON, as well as songs from newcomers Cassie Steele and Kyle Riabko!

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A woman he's been dating drops him, as does his agent, her brother.

Someone's remaking his favorite movie, "Marty," a role he'd love, but he doesn't even get an audition.

Given that this is a haunted house story, with the supernatural threat off screen a good deal of the time, the music is like a character in the film. The Australian film composer behind the hit series “Angel”, was able to create an atmosphere that brilliantly combines all the elements needed.

It captures the creepiness and the sadness while making you feel like terrible things are just around the corner, along with great emotional cues for when the family is falling apart under the pressure.

Other classic tracks include: REO Speedwagons Keep On Loving You, Kool and the Gangs Ladies Night and Men Without Hats classic Safety Dance.