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By definition, thick markets are ones which have a concentrated number of buyers and sellers.

Often a large number of transactions occur with a variety of products.

In the past five to ten years, algorithms have been adopted by the financial sector and numerous other businesses that affect everyday lives, including dating.

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The Match Group, which consists of Tinder, Ok Cupid and Match, posted $240.9 million in operating profit in 2014, representing a 6% increase from the year prior.

With its growth, the group is expected to file their IPO in 2015, with valuations estimated at $6.5 billion.

With a number of services available, 60% of Americans in 2013 agree that dating sites are an acceptable way to meet people, compared to 44% in 2005.

The underlying technology of dating apps is complex mathematical algorithms which connect users based on similar answers to a questionnaire. Tinder uses global positioning systems which display users with potential partners in the area.

Translated into dating, a thick markets represents a wider, more centrally located user base.