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Today’s date is synonymous with grief, misfortune, pain, dread, fear and what have you.

A year ago, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, as the orange sun set over the horizon there arose from the depths of darkness, the one with the brightest plumage, “crying havoc” and unceremoniously bidding adieu to sanity in general.

The private investments shall be in commodities production activities (32.6%), services activities (37%) and 29% in infrastructures.

Targeted projects for private sector (on either individual or partnership basis) cover Oman railway, tourism structures within Port Sultan Qaboos, Port Khasab, South Batinah Logistics Area, some fisheries projects, Ad Dhahirah Economic Area and Shinas Port.

Infra Oman - dubbed as one of the largest building and construction expo in the Middle East has been continuously defining the industry’s development for the last 6 years.