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I have no doubt there are many gamers out there who would be willing to pay a little cash to play and flirt with hot girls, the only question is whether or not Game Crush is offering the right features for the right price." Venture Beat's "Games Beat" online column, written by Dean Takahashi, said "But a hot girl who can beat you at a game of Halo is probably a close to an ideal date for a lot of gamer dudes.

At least that’s my guess." Cnet's online column "Crave", written by Matt Hickey, said: "Still, the idea could work if gaming girls--I'm sorry, Play Dates--can get around the slightly creepy idea of selling themselves for the attention of boys.

The Boston Phoenix's "Laser Orgy" online column, written by Maddy Myers, said "I'm as mystified by this service as I am by similar services offered by girls (or guys -- but usually girls) who sit around talking to people on their webcams." she also commented "There's something inherently sexual about Game Crush, yes -- but that's mostly due to the over-sexualizing of women in both American society and particularly in gamer culture..." and "So, Game Crush, I give you props for your stupid idea.

I am dubious about how successful it'll be, though, when the percentage of female gamers climbs every day." IGNs "Xbox Live" online column, written by Daemon Hatfield, said "I can imagine some guys might be disappointed if they paid to play with a girl, only to hear her go on and on about her boyfriend..." and "Perhaps the most surprising thing about Game Crush is that no one else thought of it sooner.

Game Crush members (the site focuses on female players, due to their relative scarcity in console online gaming) can post profiles with pictures, videos and gaming information and interact with other members through text chat, video chat and private messages.