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Now, I will say, this book is definitely more suited to a geek guy looking to date a nongeek girl, BUT there are sections that geek girls can reference, as well as, simply fitting certain elements/suggestions to their situation.

From the Introduction, Welcome Player One all the way through the dating cycle to the Boss Level, Advanced Geek Dating we are taken through some of the Do's and Don'ts of finding that special someone, asking them out, getting ready for that special date and even dealing with the aftermath of that first date.

I am definitely a bit of a geek, but admittedly I am not as big a geek as I thought, because there are certain aspects of The Geek's Guide to Dating that went way over my the clouds with Lakitu dropping Spinies over my head.

This is definitely a book with a niche audience and author, Eric Smith, knows his audience and plays to their inner nerd in need of lovin'.

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