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“In Portland, people are always riding naked these days, but what’s strange is they’re apparently harassed more by the police when they’re clothed,” World Naked Bike Ride organizer Conrad Schmidt says.“Nudity is tough for law enforcement because it involves the concept of indecent exposure [and] there’s no good definition of what’s indecent about the human body.” Then again, America may not yet be ready for naked bicyclists roaming its streets…Tweet Get ready for the ultimate online dating experience at FACEBOOK OF SEX!

Nudity in America is an interesting topic: on one hand, Hollywood does its best to add sizzle to our screens, setting a lifestyle example that the marketers of Madison Avenue try to bring into our homes.

On the other hand, traditionalists and prudish conservatives are dismayed over the sexual liberation that was mainstreamed by the grandparents of today’s Millennial generation, which have grown up in a world where sitcoms, soap operas, Internet porn and video games have all made sex and nudity normal.

“A lot of people will tune in for the sensationalism of nudity, but you’d be surprised how fast you completely forget about it,” Amy Paffrath, the show’s non-nude host explains.

“You get caught up in what they’re doing, and it doesn’t matter that they aren’t wearing any clothes.” “The show quickly becomes not about being naked, but about being honest with people,” VH1 EVP Susan Levison offers.

“In America, being naked remains complex, because our associations are often limited to porn, hippy naturalists, or the $400 million a year nude recreation industry, [so] nudity is either seen as sexual or [as] a gimmick,” Colwell explains. neither moral outrage nor public disorder greets nudity.