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So of course it would be lovely if people using the Underground were friendlier. Or exchanged the habitual death stare for the ghost of a smile as they trudged together through the subterranean gloom. As one chap posted on Twitter: "If I wanted to talk to strangers on my commute, I'd move back to Yorkshire." Well, if you do, love, I look forward to a right good natter.

City worker Mr Patel said: 'I enjoy talking to people on the Tube. 'But London is not friendly enough yet, everyone quite closed, it is quite easy to ignore everyone - especially in crowds.

As the train eased into Goodge Street station, three smartly dressed women joined my compartment, their high spirits in stark contrast to the smartness of their office wear. or, judging by their accents, they were all Scousers, and like all Northerners, myself included, were clearly dismissive of the rules of (non) engagement when travelling on the Underground.

When one of the women settled into her seat she inadvertently put her hand on a young man's knee. Unlike everyone else in the carriage, I smiled too. But because I felt heartened that historically buttoned-up London commuters were no longer stiffing complete strangers. And it was only when the women started to speak that I realised the reason for their unreconstructed jollity. Not for them the unspoken imperative of the non-communication line.

Start using it today.’ In response to the mass criticism, all ‘Tube chat?