Amish dating non amish

So, growing up in the outside culture would make it a lot easier for you to say, “Good-bye” and walk away.

It is not as easy as that when you are brought up in the Amish way of life.

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Amish young people can choose whoever they want for their mate, but if they want to remain Amish themselves, they need to marry within the faith (or date someone who has intentions of joining the faith).

Very rarely, a non-Amish person might join the Amish church to be able to marry an Amish person.

Dating often starts with a boy offering to take a girl home after a Sunday evening sing, which is one of the places young people socialize.

When a couple is more serious, a boy can visit the girl at her house after her parents have gone to bed on a Saturday night when there’s no church on Sunday.

For one thing, women have to “submit” to a lot more than men do, including deferring to the husband’s authority.