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There are lots of Dutch touches as well as some quirky design features – my favourite was the projected clock which looked like there was someone inside cleaning it.One of my airport pet hates is not having enough seating, so it was good to see so many seating areas, as well as workstations with plenty of plug sockets and unlimited wifi so you can get some work done.

Amsterdam liveclose cam

) The Holland Marketing Alliance has a very successful award-winning series of tourist videos called “Holland.

We know nearly every place shown in this 18-minute film (we live close to many of them) and the sweet love story filled with magic isn’t that far from our own experience here.

But we want you to see one of the latest videos because it’s almost an allegory for our life in Amsterdam.

The Original Cool.” The videos have been so successful that they are cutting back on promotion because there are too many tourists!

), I bundled up in plenty of layers and headed out to explore.