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Amway the corporation turns a blind eye to this behavior - namely abuse from the upline - and refuses to take action against the troublemakers.Chop off a Platinum and there goes a stream of income.

And for best results, go ahead and dispose of a product that is past its expiration date.

Before that date, you can be assured that your Nutrilite™ supplements are providing you with the highest-quality nutrients to help support optimum health.

We became way too engaged in Twitter wars and hashtags and the comments section of every think-piece that we failed to realize that none of that mattered.

Your fellow citizen that you disagree with isn’t going to magically change anything. The article mentions an e-mail or a snail mail letter, but before you send either of those, PLEASE consider the phone call first.

Some of them, like myself, expose them on the Internet so everyone knows what hell awaits if they get involved in Amway thanks to lying sack of shit destructive Platinums!