Ancient dating rituals

By maintaining the redistributive (pyramidal) order of life, Pharaoh, as son of Ra, returned what had been received, completing the circle and assisting Re in his eternal cycle (cf.the royal "cartouche", the circumambulation of the "Sed" court, the ambulatory around the naos in the temples, etc).Pharaoh's core ritual was the offering of Maat to his father Re.

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Many representations are ritual high points frozen in space : foundation rituals, libation, censing, opening the mouth, food offerings, offering of Maat, execration, worship of the deity, to name the most common.

The vast literature of Egypt provides us with a variety of ceremonial gestures (adoration, respect, repose, devotion, supplication, rejoicing, triumph, healing, mourning, smiting, harpooning), priestly functions (overseer, reciter, magician, libationer, seer, overseer of the tomb, oracle, physician, guardian, chanter, keeper of offerings, etc.) and magical instruments (hedj, was, djam, seb-ur, ur-hekau, sekhem, ritual crowns etc.).

Such information would only convey the basic ritual matrix of speech-acts and gestures, nothing more.

Moreover, because of Egypt's multiplicity of approaches, no "standard" line is to be sought, for every temple made adaptations serving its tutelary deity.

These flawed approaches are rejected in favor of a historical reconstruction.