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Mendel and Trina are married and Jason, to his great relief, has discovered girls. Charlotte sings that “something bad is happening” at the hospital, where more and more once-healthy young men are arriving with an unknown disease that’s killing them. What’s endearingly right about the show is the casting across the board: In addition to the two leads, Block, recovering from illness the night I saw the show, is particularly fine in the very Sondheimian “I’m Breaking Down.” Uranowitz makes the annoying Mendel less so.

Of course, such collaborations are the norm today, where Broadway producers frequently underwrite LORT productions to test the waters (e.g., , being the story of a man (Marvin) who quits his wife and young son to take up with another man (Whizzer, a rake) while fantasizing that they can all be one happy family, was an enormous risk in 1992 — before the legalization of gay marriage, when an AIDS diagnosis was still a death sentence and violence against gay men and lesbian women could be considered the norm in certain precincts.

And it remains a risk in these more tolerant times, when so much has changed and yet… Not because this revival isn’t terrific — it is, mostly.

But, to paraphrase one of the sow’s funnier lyrics, that’s the miracle, of Finn-yism.

That musical adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl children's novel begins previews next March, with exact dates to be set. As previously reported, Jack O' Brien will direct the production, with choreography by another team of composer Marc Shaiman and co-lyricist Scott Wittman, with a book adaptation by Scottish playwright David Greig.

The story was further popularized in a 1971 movie musical starring Gene Wilder, titled .