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The couple's adult sons Alexander, 27, and Nicholas, 24, are expected to fly over from the US to attend the wedding ceremony in the Lake District.

Their 'lavish' wedding ceremony will be 'circus themed' – with waiters dressed as clowns and ringmasters – and Paul and his boyfriend have already held their stag do with friends at a Blackpool drag club, according to The Sun.

They called on him to put an end to his disclosures.

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"We got to do something crazy on stage," Bryan told the other dancers. "Mariah and her entourage ran into a speed bump while flying from London to her concert in Luxembourg after tour manager Yoni failed to mention there was a crucial time difference.

"You were saying maybe roll out a cake or something.

We got to get Roc and Roe to maybe come out on stage. Stella was pissed after she learned an ex-staff member was badmouthing her in the media. " Stella was so heated she later decided to call a lawyer to sue the publications for slander.

"So, Mariah gets a text that a former employee is talking to the press," she explained.

Royals: Burrell, who served Princess Diana (pictured together in 1994) for ten years, claimed the Princess of Wales called him her 'rock' and the 'only man I ever trusted' - her sons would later accuse him of 'betrayal'Mr Burrell, who served as Princess Diana's butler for 10 years and was said to be called 'her rock', is yet to speak about the relationship publicly but a spokesman has confirmed the 'forthcoming marriage'.