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Cumia first met radio personality Gregg "Opie" Hughes when the latter held an O. Simpson song parody contest on his Nighttime Attitude show on Long Island radio station WBAB.He and Joe decided to enter the contest, and recorded an entry as Rotgut titled "Gonna Electric Shock OJ" to the tune of "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding.On December 19, 2015, Anthony Cumia had an argument with his girlfriend Danielle Brand that turned into a domestic violence which got the police department involved.

Today we talk about the man who is famous for ‘The Anthony Cumia Show’ and by the name of the show, most of you all might have already guessed that we are talking about Anthony Cumia.

Well, it turns out that he did not only become famous for his show but he was once arrested by the police for assaulting his girlfriend.

Along with Opie, Cumia co-hosted XFL Gameday, a pregame show for Vince Mc Mahon's startup football league, for four weeks in February 2001.

The half-hour show was produced by NBC's owned and operated stations and shown on Channel 4 in New York.

From April 2006 to March 2009, part of the show was simulcast on nine terrestrial radio stations owned by CBS Radio that was compliant to the broadcast regulations imposed by the Federal Communications Commission.