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Some of y’all are out here doing the most on a public platform.If you’re in denial that I am talking to you, here are five clear signs that you just might be openly thirsting on Facebook. Most of your friends are people who you are interested in.“You have to understand what your value is,” Grimm said.

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“By being desperate, you’re underselling your value and I don’t think that’s in your interest,” said Mark Grimm, a public speaking trainer and author of “Everyone Can Be A Dynamic Speaker.” He said it all starts with your self assessment.

Figuring out what you can offer a company can help you overcome any anxiety you have toward the needed job.

But that’s exactly what a member of one of the social media groups I’m in did, and it earned him the nickname of “Inbox Bandit.” An inbox bandit is someone who you will never take seriously, because you’re pretty sure he or she is copying and pasting messages sent to you to several other people.

You come to expect to hear from them like clockwork, because they tend to consistently offer the same generic compliments.

“You don’t want to appear overeager,” said Lisa Panarello, founder and CEO of Careers Advance, a professional training and coaching agency in New York.