Apple store not updating dating via gsm

Seems to behave the same way, but can't delete and reinstall without a full rebuild... I tried updating an app in an i Phone, and it was asking me for the password for an Apple ID (say, #2) different from the one that the phone was logged in to (say, #1).

I removed the app, and purchased it again under ID #1.

Apple has now streamlined their podcast process, and has revised their procedure for submitting podcasts and have added a very useful tool to the service. In addition, they have now created something called "Podcasts Connect", an online resource for all things related to podcast RSS feeds and Itunes.

Check it out here: Apple Podcasts Connect At the link above, you can view the current specifications that they require.

Usually, even though your podcast has been running fine over the course of several months, uninterrupted, it just stops updating in the ITunes store.