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Check the VGChartz Methodology page for more information on regional definitions and how data is arrived at.

Please note that the totals for the "North America", "Europe" and "Japan" (tracked regions) are arrived at via VGChartz tracking methodology whereas the figures for "Rest of World" (untracked regions) and "Global" totals are an extrapolation based on the tracked data and therefore may contain larger margins of error.

On top of a successful music career Arashi have also hosted their own radio and TV shows, and acted in films, dramas, and plays. I ship Junba, I dislike Sakumoto and my bias (my ichiban) will always and forever be Jun.

One of the strengths of the group is their close relationships with each other and a very balanced popularity between the members.

Although the series was released in weekly installments on Netflix Japan (albeit a few days after the TV broadcast), I ended up watching it the old-fashioned Netflix...― The following is an exclusive excerpt from Kodansha Comics' Ghost in the Shell README: 1995-2017, featuring an expansive and remarkably candid roundtable interview with three men who have had an enormous personal...― Amy asked: This is a weird question. ) Is this a common Japanese cultural thing or does anime exaggerate it?

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