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Finn proves a perfect gentleman when Michelle shows interest in dating him, yet now Camille re-questions his past.

Finn says that the victim weighed 122 pounds, which Shaw says was the weight difference between the truck when it crossed the scale and when it pulled in to the weigh station.

I even waited until now to watch the episodes beyond when Brennan gives birth.

Let me just say, I really LOVE the new dynamic, especially when we have knowledge of the last 6 years of their relationship.

Series creator Hart Hanson described the actors who had auditioned for the role of Seeley Booth as "pretty boy waifs"; he immediately responded when the head of the studio, Dana Walden, suggested Boreanaz for the role.

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    Early model cars (1929 to 1934) were modified by removing the running boards and either removing the fenders entirely or replacing them with very light cycle fenders. The "gow job" morphed into the hot rod in the early to middle 1950s.