Are hyun bin and ha ji won dating

I mean look at these two, what could potentially be benign chemistry between the two actors looks like it could become much more!

Ha Ji Won's character, Gil La Im, became memorable to me at first because she is an amazing cryer.

He's charming, confident, and has an unconsciously sweet side.

His stuck-up mannerisms are constantly grating on Gil La Im's nerves but you can't help but see the adorableness in his actions.

While on a business trip--which "coincidentally" takes both the lead characters to the same destination, they are tricked into drinking a special wine that leaves them in each other's body. They are helped along the way by Gil La Im's reluctant boss, Im Jong Soo, and Kim Joo Won's famous singer of a cousin, Oska, and these two are able to figure out their gender-bender problems just in time to fall deeply and madly in love with each other.