what the bible says about dating and courtship - Are laura bell bundy and christian borle still dating

She has just got 'it.' You can't take your eyes off her when she's onstage - which is pretty much always - and she is commanding, sweet, affectionate, firm, dry, and a whole other litany of adjectives, all at once.

Her high note in Brimstone and Treacle (high C, yes?

MP was to prove that children want and need limits and that they will love you for them.

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Kelly's Mary Poppins is not particularly sweet, yet she is so incredibly likable and simply commanding.

There's just something about her, her confidence, her style, her looks, and God that voice, that just makes you understand why this woman is so special and magical.

And God those kids are annoying, especially the sister (blanking out on her name); I don't mean the actors, just the way they are written they come off as incredibly unlikable.

Overall, I'm glad I went even if I was very much ready for the show to end throughout most of the second act.

I asked the ushers and kiosk folks and was told tonight was the first night that TEMPER, TEMPER was out and PLAYING THE GAME was in. TEMPER, TEMPER was already toned down from the London version by the time MARY POPPINS opened in New York (I think I read somewhere there was a firing squad at the Banks children in the London version).